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Black Bears in Falkland Corn Field

At least 5 black bears were spotted foraging in a Falkland BC Corn Field Thursday September 7th around 7 PM.

An interesting fun fact about bears during this time of year is that they enter a phase known as hyperphagia, where their appetite significantly increases. Bears can consume up to 20,000 calories a day during this period to fatten up for hibernation.

Black bears are a common sight in British Columbia. Early September their behavior in the Falkland, British Columbia (BC) region can be influenced by various factors but most of their activity revolves around foraging for food and building fat reserves in preparation for the winter months.

A bears fat reserves are essential for the its survival

Bears diet primarily consists of vegetation, fruits, nuts, insects, and small mammals or fish. In September, they may be attracted to fruit-bearing trees, berry patches, and other food sources to fatten up.

In some parts of Falkland, September is the peak season for berries like huckleberries and blackberries.

Black bears are known to feed heavily on these fruits during this time, as they provide a rich source of calories.

Black bears are generally shy and try to avoid human contact.

However, as they search for food, they may come into proximity with residential areas or recreational areas where people are present.

It's important for residents and visitors to be bear-aware during this time. This includes properly securing garbage, not leaving food out, and using bear-resistant containers when camping.

Early September can still be part of the black bear mating season. During this time, male bears may roam in search of females, leading to increased movement and potential encounters.

Black bears are typically most active during the day. However, they can also be active during dawn and dusk.

Mother bears with cubs are more protective and can be more unpredictable. If you encounter a mother bear with cubs, it's crucial to give them a wide berth and not provoke them.

Mother bears with cubs are especially protective and can be unpredictable. When encountering a mother bear with cubs, it is imperative to maintain a safe distance and avoid provoking them.



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