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Vernon Weather Averages and Extremes - UPDATE

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

UPDATE: Environment Canada now says Wednesday will be cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain showers or flurries early in the morning.

Environment Canada records and makes available weather averages and extremes

November 20, 2023: Does the cold and snow seem a little bit tardy to you this year? Today in Vernon, BC the temperature was hovering around 1 deg. C early afternoon.

No snow, light cloudy skies, dipping to -5 degrees C overnight. The six-day forecast for the area predicts more of the same as far ahead as next Sunday, with no prediction of precipitation, IE snow.

While Vernon's temperature is about average for this time of year the snowfall is not.

Vernonittes can usually count on 30 cm or about 1 foot of snow in the middle of November.

Historical Weather Data:
  • Highest Temperature (1895-1959) 11.7 °C 1954

  • Lowest Temperature (1895-1959) -18.3 °C 1946

  • Greatest Precipitation (1895-1959) 7.1 mm 1921

  • Greatest Rainfall (1895-1959) 4.6 mm 1954

  • Greatest Snowfall (1895-1959) 7.1 cm 1921

Vernon BC November 2022 weather
Sky above Vernon November, 2022

Last November 20, 2022 Weather in Vernon
  • Night +12.2° C

  • Morning +11.1° C

  • Day +15.0° C

  • Evening +11.1° C

Vernon Weather 2022
Snow was covering the ground last this this time

Vernon BC November 2022 weather
November 20 2022

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