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Vehicle drives into Vernon Starbucks seating area

June 5, 2023. 2023: Shortly before 11 AM Monday, June 5 2023 a vehicle was reported to have driven into a Vernon Starbucks seating area.

Vernon Starbucks' patrons' early morning coffee time was shattered by a vehicle that drove over a curb and into tempered glass panels that surround the business's outdoor seating area.

The shattered glass spread across some of the seating area.

The Starbucks is located at the southwest corner of Highway 97 and 37th Avenue.

There were no reports of serious injuries, but was told a woman sitting in the outdoor seating area may have been grazed by small pieces of broken safety glass.

Vernon Fire Rescue, RCMP and the BC Ambulance Service attended the event.

Portions of the Starbucks outdoor area and all of its indoor seating remained open while staff, with the assistance of Vernon firefighters, cleaned up the broken glass.

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