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Forced into Kalamalka Lake by Aggressive Cougar

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Wednesday, November 23/22:

RCMP and Coldstream Fire Hall attended an unusual call this evening.

Two women walking along the Rail Trail beside Kalamalka Lake had a frightening encounter with an aggressive Cougar that began Wednesday afternoon.

The women were out for a walk on the popular trail when they noticed a cougar had taken an uncomfortable interest in them.

Despite efforts to scare the cougar away, it continued to get closer and closer.

At one point the aggressive cougar was only 20 feet away, perched above the women on a rock, hissing and making other threatening noises.

It was at this point the women decided the best course of action was to wade into Kalamalka Lake, hoping the cougar wouldn't follow.

Once in the water, one of the women called her family for help.

Her brother and a friend hurried to the scene. Before they arrived a person on a bicycle had joined the two women.

Together the three managed to frighten the big cat away.

Looking at over a kilometer walk back to their vehicles, wet and cold from being in Kalamalka lake, the brother contacted the Coldstream Fire department to transport the pair.

Fortunately, because of quick thinking by the women, no one was injured. The cougars' whereabouts are unknown.


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