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Lumby Community in Shock After Tragic Death of Tatjana Stefanski

Updated: Apr 23

The alleged abduction of a 44-year-old Lumby BC woman and the subsequent discovery of her body on a remote forest service road has left the small BC community of Lumby in shock.
Adding to the distress, an alleged suspect was released less than 24 hours after being arrested.

Tatjana Stefanski, misspelled as Tatiana in initial RCMP releases, was allegedly last seen speaking with her ex-husband in the driveway of her Lumby home the morning of April 13, 2024, before unexpectedly departing with him in a 2007 black Audi A6.

In those initial press releases, Stefanski's ex-husband, was incorrectly identified as Vitali Steffen.

On April 17, 2024, the RCMP confirmed that Stefanski had been found deceased.

Tatjana Stefanski's body was reportedly found about 50 km from her home on the Mable Lake Forest Service Road.

The investigation into her death, suspected to involve foul play, has been transferred to the RCMP Southeast District Major Crimes Unit.

  • Saturday April 13th - Stefanski allegedly seen unexpectedly leaving her Lumby home with her ex-husband

  • Sunday April 14th - RCMP impound a black Audi located on the Mable Lake Forest Service Road.

  • Monday April 15th - RCMP, Vernon Search and Rescue, and the Coroner recover Tatjanas body

RCMP S/Sgt. Kris Clark, Senior Media Relations Officer:

"On April 14, 2024, during the process of investigating an allegation of an abduction from the Lumby area, the North Okanagan RCMP located a deceased female in a rural location. A male believed to be involved in this death was arrested in the general vicinity."

Lumby Community in Shock After Tragic Death of Tatjana Stefanski
Lumby Community in Shock After Tragic Death of Tatjana Stefanski

The misnaming misspelling of both the victim and suspect names in early press releases is said to have led to confusion and even threats toward individuals sharing similar names.

To the dismay of the community, the male arrested was released the following day, albeit under "strict conditions".

In response to the tragedy, Lumby Mayor Kevin Acton voiced frustrations over the swift release of the suspect, emphasizing the need for awareness and changes to the justice system.

Tatjana Stefanski's boyfriend, Jason Gaudreault, expressed understanding and support for the RCMP's handling of the case. He posts regularly on Facebook,

The community has rallied together, initiating a GoFundMe campaign to support Stefanski's family during this difficult time.

Lumby residents have also been encouraged to reach out to local political representatives to demand justice reform.

Meanwhile, the Lumby RCMP continue to urge anyone with pertinent information regarding the events surrounding Tatjana Stefanski's disappearance and death to come forward, emphasizing the importance of community cooperation in resolving this tragic incident.

You can support Tatjana Stefanski's family through the GoFundMe campaign here:

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