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Grizzly Attack Leaves 2 Dead in Banff: Parks Canada

UPDATE: According to Parks Canada, the BC couple who were killed by a grizzly bear in Banff National Park had permits, bear spray, and followed accepted protocols when storing food.

Parks Canada confirmed there were no closures or grizzly bear warnings in the Banff National Park area where the attack took place.

Rescue Team Reports They Were Charged By An Aggressive Grizzly Bear

Rescuers destroyed an aggressive grizzly near the area where the attack happened. A necropsy has determined the bear was old, about 25, and suffering from a variety of medical conditions like bad teeth and malnutrition.

Parks Canada is confident the female grizzly destroyed was the same one that killed the pair of experienced outdoor enthusiasts but is awaiting a necropsy on the beast for confirmation.

As a precaution, the area was closed to the public. There is no indication a second bear was involved in the attack.

Original Story:

In a tragic incident, a couple were killed by a bear attack in Alberta's Banff National Park.

Parks Canada confirmed on Saturday they received a GPS alert around 8 pm Friday from the Red Deer River Valley, just west of Ya Ha Tinda Ranch, indicating a bear attack.

Mobilization of a specially trained Wildlife Attack Response team by air was hindered by weather conditions forcing rescuers to travel by ground.

The response team arrived at the site around 1 a.m., where they discovered the bodies of the victims. The bear attack also claimed the life of the couple's dog.

The response team encountered an aggressive grizzly bear in the area, which had to be euthanized to ensure public safety.

According to friends of the Canadian couple they were experienced outdoor enthusiasts who were always cautious, especially when dealing with wildlife.

Couple and their dog killed by a grizzly in Banff Park,  Canada
Couple and their dog killed by a grizzly in Banff Park, Canada

The victims were transported to Sundre, Alta., by RCMP early Saturday morning.

Following the incident, the area of the attack was closed off.

The tragic event highlights the unpredictable dangers that can arise when humans and wildlife encounter each other.

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