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Workers Cause False Alarm at Polson Place Mall

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

January 5 2022:

Just after noon today fire alarms rang out at Polson Place Mall located on Highway 6 in Vernon.

Save-On-Foods Polson Place Mall  Vernon BC
Save-On-Foods is the largest store in the mall

Stores were evacuated. Vernon Fire attended.

Fortunately there was no fire.

Turns out workers doing remediation work where the Red Barn store was once located accidentally cut through wiring crucial to the malls fire alarm system.

Former Red Barn location

As things returned to normal, businesses reopened, with one exception.

The doors to the Galaxy Theatre were open but patrons tell ExNews staff is not immediately resuming normal operations, disappointing news for those hoping to catch an afternoon show.

Polson Place Mall Staff is on fire watch until the system is restored.


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