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Search For Senior Coldstream Man Resumes

83 Year Old Robert Baines Has Been Missing Since January 2nd 2023

Gene and Sandy Ralston have returned to Kalamalka Lake to continue the search for Robert Baines, 83.

The two and their high-tech sonar-equipped boat are no strangers to the North Okanagan.

Just last summer, the American couple found two men, drowning victims of a sudden storm on Kalamalka and Okanagan lakes.

Baines left his Coldstream home on January 2nd and hasn't been seen since.

A massive search involving search and rescue teams from Vernon and surrounding communities failed to find the senior.

Baines lived near Kal Lake and Kalamalka Park.

Both areas were thoroughly searched. The sonar the Ralstons use can see where traditional searchers cannot.

Maybe this latest effort can bring closure for Baines' family.

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