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Fire Reported on Roof of Vernon Home Hardware

February 24, 2024: 911 call takers received reports of flames on the roof of Home Hardware in the 4600 block of 27th Street, Vernon, shortly after 8:30 PM on Saturday night.

Despite multiple calls to 911, when Vernon Fire Rescue arrived on the scene, no flames were observed.

It was quickly determined that the flames likely came from several power transformers above a large woodshed in the hardware store's lumber yard.

Using the VFRS ladder truck, firefighters observed a "suspicious device" on the shed's roof under the transformers.

An RCMP member joined fire crews on the roof and collected unidentified evidence.

Witnesses at the scene tell contradicting stories. Some say the transformers were burning, others say the fire was on the roof of the lumber shed, under the transformers.

One witness, a resident who lost power to his home, says he heard a loud band.

Another person said it may have been a party balloon that caused the short.

There is no official word on exactly what the evidence was, but we were told it didn't appear to be intentionally placed on the roof, and there was no longer a safety concern.

Intentional or not, the suspicious device seems to have been able to short out the power transformers, cutting power to businesses and homes in the immediate area.

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