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Shootout at Canadian Bank, Two Dead, 6 Injured

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Saanich Bank Shootout UPDATE July 1, 2022:

Police say the vehicle used by the suspects in last Wednesday's shootout contained

"multiple explosive devices". Firearms were also found in the suspect vehicle.

Police are also asking for the public's help tracking the whereabouts of the white 1992 four-door Toyota Camry in the days leading up to the botched robbery that left two suspects dead and six Saanich and Victoria police with gunshot wounds, some very serious.

White 1992 four-door Toyota Camry
White 1992 four-door Toyota Camry IMAGE: Saanich Police

The vehicle has two very distinctive black racing stripes that run the length of the car over the hood roof and trunk

White 1992 four-door Toyota Camry
White 1992 four-door Toyota Camry IMAGE: Saanich Police

If you have any information re the location of the vehicle before the robbery you're asked to contact police.

As of Thursday, the Coroner's service had not identified the two deceased suspects.


Saanich Police Chief Dean Duthie held a press conference today.
In part he said,

"Of the six officers injured at yesterday's botched bank robbery and subsequent shootout, three have been released from hospital and are recovering at home with their families. Three officers sustained what were considered life-threatening injuries at the time of the incident. These officers remain in hospital following surgery. One of these officers will require additional surgeries and treatment over the coming months, and one of these officers remains in the Intensive Care Unit following surgery and will require additional surgeries and treatment over the coming months."

"Explosive devices were discovered during the incident in a vehicle associated to the suspects. Homes and businesses in close proximity to the scene of the incident were evacuated for safety, while the BC RCMP Provincial Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) attended to address the devices. Earlier this afternoon, the explosive devices were transported to Hartland Landfill Facility by EDU and safely destroyed. Some residents and businesses remain unable to return to their homes and places of work as officers continue to process the crime scene."

This remains an ongoing police incident. Shelbourne Street, between Cedar Hill Cross Road and Donnelly Avenue, will remain closed today during the investigation.

Officers continue to investigate the potential of a third suspect involved in this incident. However, at this time we do not have information to believe that there is a risk to the public. We will continue an ongoing risk assessment and keep the community apprised of any updates.

Shelli Fryer, a woman who claims to have been in the Saanich bank at the time of yesterday's botched robbery, says the two male suspects she saw were carrying assault rifles and wearing body armor, right down to their shins. Their heads and faces were covered with balaclavas. She remarked how calm the pair appeared to be. Fryer estimates about twenty-two people were in the bank at the time of the robbery, and most of the hostages were customers.

Graphic Video Taken By Eye Witness

Shelli Fryer phoned a radio talk show and recounted her experience. She heaped praise on the officers that ended her ordeal.

Three of the six Greater Victoria ERT members shot at yesterday's botched bank robbery in Saanich BC remain in hospital. Two of the officers underwent surgery yesterday. No details are available for the third injured member still in care.

Joan B. Flood/Twitter

Dozens of shots rang out around 11 am yesterday at a Saanich Bank of Montreal branch at 3616 Shelbourne street. When the smoke cleared, two suspects were dead and six police officers were injured, presumably from gunshot wounds.

Saanich and Victoria Police took to Twitter to thank the public for the outpouring of support they've received on Social Media, Check out the comments on Twitter

Chief Constable Dean Duthie, Saanich police, updated the public today regarding a brazen daylight shootout between suspects in a bank robbery and a special ERT team known as GVERT (Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team).

The shootout ended with two suspects being shot dead at the Bank of Montreal at 3616 Shelbourne street in Saanich.

Six GVERT team members received gunshot wounds. All 6 were transported to Emergency.

The area around the bank remained behind police lines and closed to the public as police searched the area for a possible 3rd suspect as well as a possible explosive device in a vehicle believed to be associated with the suspects...

Chief Constable Dean Duthie held a press conference on June 28, 2022

"I can confirm that 2 suspects are dead and several members of GVERT have been transported to the hospital during an ongoing incident at a bank in Saanich today".

"A shelter-in-place advisory remains in effect for the area... north dairy road/ cedar hill crossroad... Richmond road to cedar hill crossroad... as officers search for a potential 3rd suspect".

"At approximately, 11 am this morning officers with the GVERT responded to reports that two armed men had entered a Bank in 3600 block of Shelbourne street in Saanich.

Multiple officers responded to the scene and encountered an armed suspect who fired at police. Two suspects were shot by police and died at the scene.

Six GVERT members suffered gunshot wounds and were transported to hospital. At this time we anticipate some officers will be released following emergency treatment, whereas other officers sustained more serious injuries and have been taken to surgery".

"We will provide conditions of all officers as soon as we are able to.

We are keeping families updated and we are doing everything we can to support them and all other staff".

"Three of the ERT are members of the Saanich police department.... three are with the Victoria police department".

"At this time we do not believe any bank employees, customers or members of the public have been injured".

"The incident is ongoing and there is a heavy police presence in the vicinity...

Homes and businesses in the vicinity have been evacuated due to the presence of a potential explosive device in a vehicle confirmed to be associated with the suspects".

"The RCMP and Victoria police department have augmented the Saanich police response, Central Saanich police, Oak Bay police, and the West Shore RCMP. Vancouver Island Major Crime is also assisting".

"Since this was a police-involved shooting, the Independent Investigation Office (IIO) will be investigating the incident".

"We will provide further updates regarding the emergency response

Updates can be found at or vicpdcanada on Twitter"

"To the community of Saanich, I want you to know on this very challenging day, police service remains active and officers will continue to respond to your calls for service"

The area lockdowns were lifted Tuesday evening


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