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Police Officer dies from injuries. Tragedy strikes Nelson Police Department Again.

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Second Nelson Officer Dies in Hospital

Nelson, BC, January 22, 2023

Flags are at half-staff, as the City of Nelson mourns the loss of a second police officer caught in an avalanche January 9th.

Nelson Police Departments   Constable Mathieu Nolet, 2nd victim of January 9th avalanche
Constable Mathieu Nolet, 2nd victim of January 9th avalanche

Off duty, Nelson Constable Mathieu Nolet and his co-officer Constable Tittemore were backcountry skiing when a large avalanche swept both men down a mountainside approximately 60 km North of Nelson near Kaslo BC.

43-year-old Constable Wade Tittemore died of injuries at the scene.

Constable Mathieu Nolet was dug from the avalanche by four people who witnessed the slide. He was transported to Kelowna General Hospital with critical internal injuries.

Both men were experienced and well-trained backcountry enthusiasts equipped with probes and beacons

Tragically, Constable Nolet died Saturday morning (January 21, 2023) in Kelowna General Hospital

Nelson Police Chief Donovan Fisher:

“It is hard to fully express the sadness we are feeling here,” “The memorial for Constable Tittemore was this past week, and now we’ve lost a second officer and friend. It is devastating.”

Mayor Janice Morrison:

“This tragedy has hit us hard; our deepest condolences go out to constable Nolet’s family.”

Condolences from the public for both of the Constable’s families can be sent to

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