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Nooksack Flooding South of US Canada Border

It's pretty well known that South of Abbotsford in Washington State the Nooksack River has overflowed its banks.

The river has captured the undivided attention of thousands of people who call the Sumas Prairie home.

The Nooksack is not only a source of trouble for British Columbians, it has forced hundreds out of their homes in Washington State as well.

Here are excellent videos taken by Citizen Journalists in Washington and posted to social media.

In the first featured video, we hear the eerie wail of flood sirens in Sumas Washington.

The second and third videos we picked are excellent drone videos showing the extent of flooding in Everson, a city of about 3000 souls 12 kilometers south of Abbotsford

Thank you both for posting such informative videos.

Like British Columbia, Washington State has been hit by floods.

The Skagit river rose above flood levels affecting Mt Vernon.

160,000 were without power and other services.

Interstate highway 5 (I5), was closed just south of Bellingham by a slide. It has since been opened.

Hundreds of people were evacuated when the Nooksack River flooded areas of Whatcom County. Local schools were closed.

An evacuation order was issued for parts of Ferndale

and impassable roads cut off access to the Lummi Nation.

Over 80% of homes in the small city of Sumas just south of the Sumas border crossing were damaged by floodwater.

The floods even caused a Burlington National Santa Fee freight train to leave the tracks Near Sumas.

Skagit and Clallam counties fell victim to major flooding.

Salso suffered serious flooding. The population of Hamilton Washington was evacuated to shelters.

The Makah First people were trapped behind landslides.


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