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Merritt Residents Slowly Returning Home After Evacuation Order

Merritt Mayor Linda Browns UPDATE VIDEO on the situation in Merritt BC

The Evacuation Order for an area of Merritt not directly affected by floodwater but nevertheless put under evacuation order last week has been rescinded. The return is Phase one of the reopening of Merritt

About 1700 residents of "The Bench" were allowed to return to their homes.

On the morning of Monday, November 15th water from the Coldstream River overflowed its banks forcing the town's population to flee. Merritts main street looked more like a river than a road.

The City was left with no water or sewage service, the hospital was forced to close.

Two bridges were heavily damaged and a third was inaccessible.

Crews have been working around the clock to restore services.

Merritt is implementing a "three-phase return plan"

Phase 2 of the return is expected Thursday November 25th.

"Phase Three" of the return plan is for the area closest to and most affected by the Coldstream river overflowing its banks.

There is no announced date for the Phase Three return.

Click here to view the MERRITT RETURN HOME PLAN


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