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Kitten Stowaway Rescue

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

A routine call for Vernon Firefighters turned out to be a lucky break for a tiny kitten. Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. Last Tuesday around 2 pm (11/27/22) while fire crews were attending a motor vehicle incident on Highway 97 near Birnie rd, they

were alerted by a bystander they spotted a small black kitten in the immediate area. Once the accident scene was secured there was an unsuccessful search for the tiny kitten. Not too long after the crew and the fire truck returned to their hall a meowing was heard coming from the truck's engine compartment. The tiny kitten had managed to stow away and hitch a ride to the fire hall. In good shape other than being hungry and cold the kitten spent the night with the firefighters. The next morning the kitten was taken to a near by veterinarian office. The motor vehicle incident may have been bad luck for the people involved but with overnight temperatures dipping well below zero it was good luck for the tiny kitten.


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