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Holiday Travelling Within Canada

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Provincial and territorial restrictions

For those wishing to travel within Canada's borders this holiday season, there are travel restrictions and exemptions in effect.

We've compiled a list of helpful links to Canada's provincial or territorial requirements.

Travelling by commercial plane or train between provinces and or territories

- If you're travelling by plane or train between provinces and or territories and you're over 12 years of age (plus four months), or older, you must be fully vaccinated in order to board

The requirement is in effect for all domestic or international flights departing from most airports in Canada. The rule is in effect for charter and foreign airlines carrying commercial passengers as well.

- VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains also require full vaccination

Medivac and Private flights

- Regardless of where they take of f or land, Medevac flights are exempt.

- Private flights that don't require access to airports with a vaccination requirement are also excluded.

Check the provincial or territorial requirements for air, road or rail restrictions and quarantine requirements.

Some provinces and territories have their own entry restrictions in place for travellers coming to Canada from another country. They may be stricter than federal quarantine requirements.

* Information obtained from Gov of Canada websites

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