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Falkland Motor Vehicle Incident Sends 7 To Hospital

Falkland, BC - A multi-vehicle incident on Highway 97 near Falkland brought emergency responders to the scene on Thursday evening.

The incident, which involved seven vehicles including two rollovers, resulted in the closure of Highway 97 for several hours.

The event unfolded just before 7 PM, prompting a swift response from 911 operators who received multiple calls reporting the seven-car collision. The Falkland Fire Hall was the first to arrive at the scene, situated 5 kilometers east of Falkland at the intersection of Highway 97 and Dear Road.

Fortunately, despite the severity of the incident, injuries were reported as minor, and no individuals were trapped inside the vehicles. One person was seen to be on a stretcher when loaded into an ambulance.

Emergency services acted promptly, initially dispatching seven ambulances.

Some of those ambulances were canceled as crews arrived on scene and the reassessed the situation.

Seven people, some believed to be children, were transported to hospital mostly as a precautionary measure.

Six people may have been in one of the vehicles involved.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation. At the time of the incident, the roads were dry, and the temperature hovered around zero.

As a result of the collision, Highway 97 at Falkland was closed to traffic for several hours. Detours were established, directing vehicles around the accident scene via Smith Road.

However, the narrow detour route proved challenging for semi-trucks, leading to delays until an escort could be arranged to escort them past the accident along Highway 97.

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