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Christmas Grinch Active In Prince George

Did your package arrive empty? You aren’t alone.

An unreformed Grinch can be a nasty creature. Grinches are selfish. They don't care about anyone but themselves. They come in all shapes and sizes making them hard to spot. Unfortunately, there are lots of Grinches.

Grinches are Everywhere

The RCMP are on the lookout for a particularly selfish Grinch operating in the Prince George area.

This Grinch cuts open packages being delivered by Canada Post and removes some or all the items.

Then he/she re-seals the package with tape.

An unknown number of packages have arrived empty or with missing items.

Items stolen include wrapped Christmas presents, clothing, and electronics.

Do you have a Grinch in your neighbourhood? Let us know.

If you've been ripped off by the Prince George Grinch investigators would like to speak with you.

Please contact the Prince George RCMP non-emergency line at 250-561-3300 to speak with an investigator. Quote file number 2022-41505.


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