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A bizarre sight at this year's Vernon Winter Carnival Parade

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

February 5th 2023:

Spectators at the 2023 Vernon Winter Carnival Parade were surprised to see a vehicle traveling inside the parade route on a closed road, against the flow of parade traffic.
Car drives through Vernon Winter Carnival Parade
Car drives through Vernon Winter Carnival Parade

Approximately 20 minutes into the procession, a car appeared traveling south on 29th street.

Several parade participants had to make way for the car to pass, including a cart and pony. The car slowed at 30th Ave then turned left and continued East.

The vehicle continued on 30th Ave until it disappeared from view. The car and driver were met with jeers from the crowds as it passed.

Watch the Video showing the vehicle making its way against Parade Traffic

The parade route was closed to regular traffic for the duration of the event, and it is unknown how the vehicle managed to access the closed street without encountering crowds, barricades, or parade staff.

Fortunately, there were no reported injuries.


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