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$121m Price Tag For The Proposed "Greater Vernon Active Living Centre"


Vernon residents will get a chance to vote if the city should borrow $121 million dollars for the proposed Active Living Centre. A referendum question will be on October 15th election ballot.

Active Living Centre Information both at Venon farmers market
Final push for the Active Living Centre at Vernon farmers market Friday

The question reads:

"Are you in favour of "Active Living Centre Loan Authorization Bylaw 5908" which would authorize the Corporation of the City of Vernon to borrow up to $121 million dollars, with interest, over a period not exceeding 30 years in order to finance the construction of an Active Living Centre to be located at 3501 43rd Avenue?"

The facility would include a 50m pool, a double gymnasium, multiple sport courts, 80-station fitness centre and 150m synthetic walking/running track

To learn more about the proposed facility, the results of public and stakeholder engagement regarding the project, and how to participate in the referendum process.

April 23, 2022

$112.5 million to $121.5 million,

That's the estimated cost to build the proposed Vernon Active Living Centre endorsed by Vernon City Council. That's $30 million more than the $90 million estimated construction cost estimate back in 2020.

City of Vernon PHOTO

The facility, which would include a 50-meter pool, fitness center and indoor walking running track as well as other amenities would also have an annual operating cost double the $600 thousand dollars currently spent running the existing aquatic centre with its 25-meter pool.

Operating the proposed Active Living Centre with its 50-meter pool is estimated to be just under $1.5 million annually.

The Facility would be built on the property next to Kal Tire Place on 43rd where the Kin race track is currently located

Kin Track Vernon

If the project goes ahead Vernon taxpayers will have to pay the majority of the cost as neighbouring communities have declined Vernon Councils' requests to participate by sharing the financial burden.

Based on an average assessed value of a property within the City of Vernon of $620 thousand dollars, Vernon voters would have to pay an additional $295.50 per year.

The citizens of Vernon will be asked to support borrowing the full cost for building the proposed Active Living Centre.

Neighbouring communities were asked to participate by Vernon City but so far have declined.

In April 2022, the District of Coldstream and Electoral Areas B and C (Area B -Swan Lake, Area C BX / SilverStar) notified the City of Vernon that they have declined to participate in the Active Living Centre project, as proposed.

Lumby has also declined to participate in the project.

Vernon voters will get the chance to be heard at the next municipal election on October 15th, 2022.

City of Vernon PHOTO

That's when voters will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum asking if they want to borrow the $112.5 million to $121.5 needed to build the facility.

Completion of the project, if approved, is 3 to 5 years away

The existing facility and its 25-meter pool would be repurposed.

$121m Price Tag For The Proposed "Greater Vernon Active Living Centre"


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