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Winging it on Kalamalka Lake

Perseverance pays off, as the video demonstrates.

If you spend any time around water, you've no doubt seen an explosion in "water toys."

There's more going on than Windsurfing or SUP.

Here's a bit of a primer to bring you up to speed on a few terms such as Winging, Foiling, and Foot Pumping.

Winging: Winging, or wing foiling, is a relatively new water sport that involves riding a small hand-held wing while standing on a foil board. The wing captures the wind and provides lift, allowing the rider to glide above the water's surface.

Windsurf Foiling: Windsurf foiling involves attaching a hydrofoil to a windsurfing board. The foil, which has a wing-like structure underwater, lifts the board out of the water as speed increases, reducing drag and allowing for faster and smoother riding.

Foot Pumping: Foot pumping is a technique used in windsurfing and wing foiling to generate additional speed. By shifting their body weight and using their feet to pump the sail or wing, riders can create extra power and maintain momentum when the wind is light.

Long Fuse vs. Short Fuse: In the context of hydrofoils used in windsurfing and wing foiling, the "fuse" refers to the fuselage, which is the central component that connects the foil wings to the board. "Long fuse" and "short fuse" refer to the length of this central piece:

  • Long Fuse: A long fuse typically provides more stability and control. It offers a smoother ride, making it suitable for beginners or those looking for stability and ease of use.

  • Short Fuse: A short fuse provides quicker and more responsive turning and maneuverability. It's often preferred by experienced riders who want to engage in more aggressive and dynamic maneuvers.

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