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Water Main Break in Coldstream: VIDEO

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

UPDATED October 25th: It Felt Like an Earthquake

At first, some thought it was an earthquake. The shaking was quickly followed by the roar of rushing water, lots of water.

Tens of thousands of litres of water were suddenly flowing down Husband road in Coldstream.

A water main had ruptured.

It happened around 10 pm Saturday (October 22).

Residents living near the intersection of Husband Road and Mt. Thor found themselves living next to a new creek.

Fire and RDNO staff responded quickly. Water was turned off before it made its way into homes along Husband road.

The damage seems to be confined to a section of Husband road that was already in the process of being repaved.

Shutting off the water main also means some residents will be without for a time. How many residents are affected is not known.

The jolt in water pressure may also have caused secondary problems at highway 6 and Aberdeen. Crews could be seen working there through the night

No cause for the break has been shared.

Those living near the break were told Monday is the earliest they can expect their water to be restored.

Update Tuesday, October 25th 2022:

Crews worked into Monday evening to get the water flowing to residents around last weekend's water main break. Martin reports the water was restored late yesterday.
There may be short interruptions of an hour or two while a new fire hydrant is installed.

The community would like to thank the city workers and fire department personnel. "they have great attitudes", Martin said. "A really great bunch!"

UPDATE October 23 2022: Work on the water main at Highway 6 and Aberdeen seems to be finished, at least for the time being. The hole, presumably dug to access a water main, has been filled and crews have departed. Its believed there was a connection with the break at Husband and Mt. Thor. There have been no official updates from RDNO or Coldstream regarding the restoration of services to people living near Husband and Mt. Thor.

NEW VIDEO: New video of the scene last night on Husband road. Thank you to Martin for sharing video and stills with ExNews.



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