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The Cariboo Wagon Road, Yale and Saddle Rock

Updated: Feb 11

Just North of Yale British Columbia is where the world-famous Fraser Canyon begins. Building a transportation corridor to the gold fields to the north was a high priority for the new colony of British Columbia.

The Cariboo Wagon Road built in the 1860s replaced several unsuccessful routes, one beginning at Harrison Lake.

Mostly following routes long used by local indigenous people three different roads were built through the Fraser Canyon. The Cariboo Wagon Road, the Fraser Canyon Highway, and the Trans Canada Highway.

The video that follows is raw footage I shot to make a documentary about two of these roads. The Cariboo Wagon Road and the Fraser Canyon Highway.

Unable to decide on an interesting focus for the documentary after almost 8 years I decided to share what I have shot. I have added a commentary so the locations of the road make some sense. I welcome your feedback. I've used several archival photos to help locate the road as it exists today. The photos are easily found in provincial or local archives. Thanks in advance to the people who made them available.

Here are two excellent links PHOTOS HISTORY

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