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Police Watchdog Investigating RCMP incident in Coldstream

The Independent Investigations Office or IIO is investigating an RCMP incident that occured in Coldstream near Learmouth and BC Highway 6, Thursday June 27th 2024.

Circumstances believed to be related to a large police presence in Lavington that lasted for several hours are now under investigation by the Independent Investigations Office (IIO).

Unconfirmed reports suggest two persons were taken from the scene to Vernon Jubilee Hospital by BC Ambulance. Condition unknown.

There has been no official word on why RCMP, some in ERT gear, were at Learmouth near Highway 6 in the afternoon and early evening of June 27th, 2024. Witnesses at the scene suggest that an older truck seen on Learmouth may have played a part in the incident. There were also unconfirmed reports that two persons were taken to Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

The IIO website only states that an investigation is currently underway.

IIO File Number 2024-145 describes an incident in Coldstream on June 27th.

RCMP Detachments involved in the IIO investigation include Kamloops, Kelowna, Merritt, and Vernon.

The only clue as to why the IIO is involved is the investigation's classification as "Serious Harm".

There is no explanation provided regarding who suffered serious harm, whether a police officer or civilian, or the number of injured parties, if any.

The Independent Investigations Office (IIO) of British Columbia is responsible for conducting independent investigations into "police incidents" that result in death or serious harm to individuals in police custody.

"Police custody" is a broad term that includes participants who are detained or otherwise under the control of the police.

Examples are situations involving direct interactions between police officers and individuals include arrests, traffic stops, public disturbances, or third-party involvement, IE, if harm was inflicted by a non-police person during an interaction involving police officers.

For instance, if a civilian is injured by another civilian during a police operation, the IIO may investigate to ensure all aspects of the incident are thoroughly examined.

If police officers intervene to stop a threat or harm and detain the individuals involved, those individuals are then considered to be in police custody.

Even before formal detention, if the police are actively controlling or supervising the situation, such as restraining individuals or ordering them to remain in a certain area, it can be considered a form of police custody.

In summary, any scenario where police exert control or supervision over individuals due to a threat or harmful actions can be considered police custody.

The IIO conducts these investigations to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding each incident. An investigation by the IIO does not imply that police officers are culpable.

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