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Nk'Mip Creek Osoyoos Fire

Updated: Feb 11

Nk'Mip Creek Osoyoos Fire

The Nk'Mip Creek Fire has been out of control since it was first discovered Monday July 19.

Its size is estimated to be 13,000 hectares.

The wildfire is growing on the north and northeastern flanks, primarily driven by wind, fuel type, and dry conditions.

Smoke will be present in the valley bottoms through the morning, with some clearing through the afternoon and evening. Fire behaviour is anticipated to increase through the afternoon and into the evening, as the inversion lifts and skies clear.

Nk'Mip Creek Osoyoos Fire

Crews will continue to patrol and mop up around residential areas near McKinney Rd, Nk'Mip Rd and Shrike Hill, burning off any unburnt fuel, reinforcing existing guards and extinguishing hotspots.

In areas northeast of the fire including Mt. Baldy Resort, personnel will continue with structural protection. Structure protection near the Anarchist Mountain community continues

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