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BC's Cariboo Wagon Road, Hells Gate Tunnel

Updated: Feb 11

This is the Hells gate tunnel... north end... completed 1960... its only a couple hundred meters south of the Ferabee tunnel that was completed in 1964... This is one of my favorite older sections...

Just a little to the west is the old tunnel...

Lots of debris in the tunnel today... doesn't look too safe.

At Hells Gate, the canyon walls rise about 1,000 metres.... the Hells Gate Cable ride was started in the early 1970's...

There are 7 automobile tunnels in the Fraser Canyon.. they are Yale 1963, Saddle Rock 1958, Sailor Bar 1959, Alexandra 1964, Hell's Gate 1960, Ferrabee 1964 and China Bar 1961.

Here are two excellent links PHOTOS HISTORY

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1 comment

1 Comment

sherry f
sherry f
Aug 20, 2021

That is very cool. The old tunnel doesn’t look big enough for a vehicle though

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