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Albertans Urged to Conserve Electricity

Over the past few days, British Columbia has experienced an Extreme Cold Warning with bitter wind chills ranging from minus 40 to minus 45 in areas like 100 Mile and Clinton.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, Minister of Affordability and Utilities Nathan Neudorf has issued a statement urging residents to immediately reduce electric demand to essentials only. The extreme cold has strained the electricity grid, putting it at high risk of rotating outages.

Typically, in times of high demand, regions will draw needed power from their neighbours. Extreme weather conditions in Saskatchewan and British Columbia have affected electricity sharing.

To conserve electricity, Albertans are advised to turn off unnecessary lights and appliances, minimize space heater use,

delay major power-consuming appliances, and work on laptops instead of desktop computers. Unplugging electric appliances when not in use and closing curtains for drafty windows can also help.

Back home, British Columbians are reminded to watch for cold-related symptoms, cover up to prevent frostbite and keep pets indoors during extreme cold.

The Extreme Cold Warning is expected to ease up by Sunday.

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