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Vernon RCMP Raids Net Guns, Cash, Drugs

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Raids by Vernon North RCMP netted an assortment of drugs, cash and weapons last week, including firearms.

According to Constable Chris Terleski, Media Relations Officer for the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP:

"the search warrants came as a direct result of our ongoing efforts to target and disrupt drug trafficking and other criminal activity in our community."

At approximately 10 am Last Thursday (December 2nd) the "Targeted Policing Unit" supported by frontline officers simultaneously served warrants at four addresses in the 3000 block of 24th avenue.

In total 19 people were arrested. Thirteen of those arrested were released promptly. Six people were held for questioning.

All have since been released and will appear before the court at an undisclosed date

Police seized what they suspect is fentanyl, methamphetamines and cocaine from the residences. The exact amounts of drugs seized have not been disclosed. Weapons were also seized.

The RCMP provided photos of what appears to be a machine gun, along with a handgun, a shotgun and a crossbow. There are also pictures of an assortment of knives, cans of bear spray, machetes, clubs, a taser, axes and pellet guns

To round it all off, an undisclosed amount of cash was on display.

Once the RCMP has completed their investigation the case will be handed to Crown Counsel. Crown will determine what if any charges will be laid.


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