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Ryan Reynolds donates to help BC flood victims

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

UPDATE November 27:

Ryan Reynolds was awarded the Governor Generals Award last night.

"Thank you to Her Excellency I'm a wreck. I'm not crying. It's just maple syrup."

The Actor has recently campaigned for donations for British Columbia's flood victims.

November 26:

Ryan Reynolds, @VancityReynolds, BC boy and celebrity stepped up posting on Twitter he is donating to the Canadian Red Cross to help his home of British Columbia.

"My home of BC continues to face a crisis from the brutal #BCFloods. Homes, farms, schools, roads, and vulnerable communities. Rebuilding will take time"

Ryan Reynolds, Twitter Photo

He urges others to do the same by going to the Canadian Red Cross website.

Reynolds was born in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada in 1976.

He is married to Blake Lively. The couple has three daughters.

Donate to the British Columbia Floods & Extreme Weather Appeal.

Always be cautious when making donations. Check the address of the donation site web carefully. Scammers are everywhere.


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