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Victim Names in Canada's Weekend Stabbing Rampage Released By Coroner

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

FINAL UPDATE September 8th 9am:

Myles Sanderson, the second outstanding suspect in a stabbing rampage is dead from self inflicted wounds, according to RCMP.

Around 3:30pm, local time, September 7th near Rosthern Saskatchewan the stolen vehicle Sanderson was driving was forced off the road by RCMP. He was arrested and transported to hospital were he was declared deceased. RCMP have not released details of his injuries.

UPDATE: September 7th 2022 7:30 AM

Saskatchewan Coroners Office has released names of deceased in weekend stabbing rampage,

Victims from James Smith Nation

- Thomas Burns, 23

- Gregory Burns, 28

- Carol Burns, 46

- Bonnie Burns, 48

- Lydia Gloria Burns, 61

- Earl Burns, 66

- Lana Head, 49

- Christian Head, 54

- Robert Sanderson, 49

Victim from Weldon Saskatchewan

- Wesley Petterson, 78 of Weldon, Saskatchewan

UPDATE: September 6th 2022 5pm

The manhunt continues for Myles Sanderson, one of two men suspected of fatally stabbing ten people on the James Smith Cree Nation in mid northern Saskatchewan.

The second suspect in the RCMP manhunt, Damien Sanderson, was found dead Monday, not too far from where many of the stabbing attacks happened.

RCMP said Damien's fatal injuries did not appear to be self inflicted.

Early Tuesday, there was a false sighting of Myles Sanderson on the James Smith Cree Nation.

RCMP tactical teams responded to the sighting in full force before the report was confirmed to be false.

As the manhunt intensifies, eyes are turning to the decision made by the Parole Board of Canada.

Last February, the board decided to release Myles Sanderson, a man with 59 previous convictions for assault, including with weapons and assaulting a police officer.

Reports say Myles Sanderson has a history of substance abuse, violence and non-compliance with court ordered conditions

Nevertheless, the board decided being released into the community would be facilitating his reintegration to society,

"It is the board's opinion that you will not present an undue risk to society if released on statutory release and that your release will contribute to the protection of society by facilitating your reintegration to society as a law-abiding citizen,"

Monday September 5 2022

One Suspect in Stabbing Rampage Found Dead

The body of one of the two suspects in the stabbing death of ten people on James Smith Cree Nation the neighboring community of Weldon has been found dead.

Damien Sanderson, was found dead Monday. RCMP say the 31 year olds wounds did not appear to be self-inflicted. His body was in a grassy area on the James Smith Cree Nation, not too far from where most of the stabbing attacks occurred.

Damien and Myles Sanderson had been the subject of a massive manhunt since Sunday morning.

Nineteen other people were also injured during the attacks. RCMP said yesterday they had 13 crime scenes related to the rampage.

Authorities continue to search for 30 year old Myles Sanderson.

The suspect was last seen in Regina, some 300 km away from the James Smith Cree Nation.

Original Story:

Today two male suspects, still at large, identified as Damien Sanderson and Miles Sanderson by Saskatchewan RCMP, allegedly went on a stabbing spree in a small Northern Saskatchewan community.

At the time of writing, 10 people are dead and at least 15 are wounded.

The injured and dead were at 13 undisclosed locations in and around the James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan .

Timeline: September 4th 2022, James Smith Cree Nation

- 5:40 a.m. Call to RCMP reporting a stabbing on the James Smith Cree Nation. Almost immediately multiple calls reporting additional stabbings, at different locations in the community were received by RCMP.

Melfort, Saskatchewan RCMP were dispatched to locations on the James Smith Cree Nation.

- 7:12 a.m., Saskatchewan RCMP issued the first Dangerous Persons Alert to residents of the James Smith Cree Nation and surrounding communities.

The public was advised to seek immediate shelter and shelter in place.

Google Maps

- 7:57 a.m. A second alert was issued with names, descriptions, and pictures of the two suspects.

- 8:20 a.m. The Dangerous Persons Alert was extended to the entire Province of Saskatchewan.

At 9:45 a.m. Another Dangerous Persons Alert was issued Saskatchewan wide that included details like the number of stabbing victims and locations.

This latest alert included information one victim found off the the James Smith Cree Nation in the community of Weldon may have been chosen randomly.

A description of a possible suspect vehicle and a corrected picture of Myles Sanderson were included.

- 11:25 a.m. Dangerous Persons Alert extended to Manitoba and Alberta.

- 12:07 A possible suspect vehicle sighting on Arcola Avenue in Regina prompted a shelter in place advisory in that city.

We ask any injured person who hasn't already spoken to police to please contact 310-RCMP (306-310-7267).

The two suspects are Damien Sanderson and Myles Sanderson.

Damien Sanderson is described as a 31-year-old male, 5 foot 7, 155 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Myles Sanderson is a 30-year-old male, 6 foot 1 and 240 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Their pictures are available on our social media channels and websites.

The suspects are considered armed and dangerous.

They were last known to be in a black Nissan Rogue SUV with Saskatchewan license plate 119 MPI.

RCMP stress they may have changed to a different vehicle

Damien Sanderson and Miles Sanderson's location and direction of travel are unknown.

Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore says "If you see the suspects and/or their vehicle, do not approach them or their vehicle, immediately leave the area, and call 911".

RCMP have not disclosed any information regarding the relationship of the two suspects with each other or with the victims


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