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Kalamalka Lake Search Continues

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Kalamalka Lake:

Maximum length - 16 km

Maximum width - 3 km

Surface area - 226 sq km

Average depth - 58.5 meters

Maximum depth - 142 meters

The water search for a 26-year-old Vernon man missing and presumed drowned continues this week.

Eli Buruca was kayaking at the north end of Kalamalka Lake on the evening of July 24 with two friends when a wind storm hit.

Burucas's friends made it to shore but he did not.

Despite an extensive search that evening and the days following all that was found was the man's kayak.

Eli Burucas
Eli Burucas

Eli Burucas's family continues the search by boat on the lake. This week, they were joined by a couple from rural Idaho, retired scientists, who have been helping relatives of people lost in the water find closure.

The Idaho couple, Gene and Sandy Ralston, use a boat equipped with advanced SONAR capabilities to conduct deep-water searches.

The Ralstons were on Kalamalka Lake Monday, assisted by Vernon Search and Rescue (VSAR). VSAR was diverting boaters and other lake users away from the SONAR boat.

In addition, local media is reporting a "cadaver dog" and its trainer have joined the search.

The dog could be seen the Thursday on the bow of a small boat searching Kalamallka Lake.

Closer to shore, an underwater video shows what the Ralsons may be up against.

Below the surface, Kalamalka Lake is littered with fallen branches and thick vegetation that may hinder the SONAR search.

The approximate Shore length of Kalamalka Lake is 42.4 km

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