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Highway 3 Remains Closed, Okanagan Area Roads In Good Condition

Rock Slide Forces Closure of Highway 3 in BC, Detour Routes Activated for 2nd Day

November 7, 2023: Keremeos, BC - Residents and travelers are facing significant disruptions as the closure of Highway 3 (Crowsnest Highway) in both directions enters its second day due to a rock slide.

The incident occurred between Hedley-Nickleplate Rd and Ashnola Rd, spanning a distance of 5.5 km, leaving the road impassable. The affected area is situated 3 to 9 km west of Keremeos, a picturesque town in British Columbia.

Authorities have promptly closed the route and continue clearing debris.

The estimated time for the highway's reopening remains uncertain as crews continue their efforts to ensure the safety of motorists.

Detour routes have been put into effect to minimize inconvenience for commuters.

Rock Slide Rockslide British Columbia Keremeos
Rockslide Closes Highway 3 For 2nd DAy

Motorists are being rerouted via an alternative path. The designated detour directs traffic from Highway 3 to Highway 97, leading to Highway 97C, and finally onto Highway 5A. While this detour is operational, drivers are urged to exercise caution and plan their journeys accordingly, anticipating potential delays.

Officials from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure are closely monitoring the situation. Geotechnical experts have been deployed to assess the stability of the area, ensuring that necessary precautions are taken before reopening the highway to traffic.

Until that time, Highway 3 remains closed. Other Okanagan area roads are in good Condition


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