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Explosions Rock Surrey Park: VIDEO

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

UPDATE October 26, 2022:

Good news to report regarding a fire and explosion at Surreys Tannery Park last Monday evening.

After a daylight search of the area, RCMP is confident no one was injured by the blast.

The investigation revealed someone had made camp on a dry piece of ground in the marshy area between the park and the Fraser River but apparently wasn't "home" at the time of the incident.

Several propane tanks were found in the area and it's believed a propane tank produced the explosion and fireball people in New Westminster saw from across the Fraser River.

ORIGINAL STORY October 25 2022:

A sizable fire and several explosions, one shooting flames as high as surrounding treetops are under investigation in Surrey Tuesday morning.

Monday evening witnesses in New Westminster reported hearing several sharp explosions and seeing a huge fireball across the Fraser River coming from Surreys Tannery Park.

One of the witnesses, Braden McMillan, captured a fireball and explosion on video.

He posted it to Twitter.

The blaze was spotted in a marshy area of the park around 10 pm Monday.

Accessing the fire in the dark was dangerous and almost impossible.

The coast guard was called in to help. There are no reported injuries at this time. Officials stress they have not finished searching the area.

The cause of the fire and explosion is still under investigation.


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