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Death Toll Climbs After Indian Pedestrian Bridge Collapse: VIDEO

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

At last report over 140 people were killed and over a hundred were critically injured

The 140-year-old 230 metre pedestrian bridge collapsed at about 6:40 Sunday, October 30th local time in the Morbi municipality of Gujarat state India.

100s were on the old bridge when it collapsed, most attending the Chhath Puja celebrations

Young and old, mothers fathers grandparents, all plunged into the river below.

The bridge, built in 1880 during British rule, had only just been reopened after 7 months of what was believed to be repair and renovation.

Julto Pul as the bridge is known locally is a popular local destination.

Julto Pul in English is "Swinging Bridge".

A video released by the Morbi District Administration shows how quickly the tragedy unfolded.

The CCTV security camera shows partiers on the bridge unaware of the danger they are in. Suddenly theres a reaction to some kind of shift in the bridge deck.

A little over a second later cables are snapping and the bridge deck is falling toward the Machchu river. Taking hundreds of people with it.

Hundreds of rescuers responded. Boats searched the river. Indian navy divers and large cranes were brought in hoping to find survivors trapped under the wreckage.

Unconfirmed reports quote the chief officer of Morbi Municipality as saying the contractor hired to repair the bridge opened it without any fitness check.

Authorities have already started an investigation into the collapse.

There are reports people associated with the company contracted to do the bridgework and also security persons at the bridge have been arrested.


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