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Children Pricked By Dangerous Drug Paraphernalia at Vernon Daycare

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Children Find Dangerous Drug Paraphernalia Hidden in Playground at Vernon Daycare

January 12, 2023:

Last Friday, several children attending the Maven Lane Daycare in the 2700 block of 38th street stumbled across drug paraphernalia hidden inside a piece of playground equipment.

Children undergoing tests for infection

Among the items found by the children, was at least one hypodermic needle.

Maven Lane Daycare, children pricked by drug needledermic needle last Friday
Maven Lane Daycare Children pricked by syringe

An unknown number of parents have been informed their child may have been pricked by the needle.

The children are undergoing tests for possible infection or disease.

Maven Lane staff share the fear and frustration being felt by the community.

The discovery of the drug paraphernalia happened despite safety precautions.

In a letter to parents, Maven Lane wrote the dangerous items were well hidden inside a piece of playground equipment and were missed by the daily morning playground and stairwell checks.

An official update from Maven Lane Daycare is expected tomorrow


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