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Best Fireworks Shows Ringing in New Year 2022

Updated: Jan 6, 2022 picks the best New Years Eve 2022 fireworks displays from around the world.

Many cities around the globe rang in the new year with spectacular fireworks displays.

New Year 2022 celebrations saw something new.

Several pyrotechnic and laser shows included swarms of prediction controlled lighted drones.

Computer-controlled drones equipped with bright coloured lights created complex images like a moving lions head across the night sky over London. giving traditional fireworks a run for their money.

Number one spot goes to London England. The city hit the sweet spot with its combination of amazing pyrotechnics, drones, and just the right amount of live performances.

Number two, Sidney. Sidney fireworks never fail to impress on New years eve. How can you lose with a backdrop like Sidney Harbour, the Opera house, and the Harbour Bridge?

Number three goes to Seoul for their use of drones.

Number four's pick is Dubai

Number five goes the City of Seattle

Number six we pick Ras Al Khaimah Fireworks UAE for sheer size

Finally, Times Square new york. The celebration was subdued this year but, well, it is New York Times Square on New Year Eve after all. You just gotta watch the ball come down.

Happy New Year from!

London Fireworks 2022

Australia celebrates the New Year with a fireworks display in Sydney


Dubai puts on dazzling fireworks, laser show at Burj Khalifa

Seattle Washington

Ras Al Khaimah Fireworks (Worlds Longest 4Km Fireworks Display in UAE)

New York Time Square New Years Eve 2022



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