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95-year-old Fighter Pilot/Test Pilot Skydives Vernon Airport

95-year-old Fighter Pilot/Test Pilot Skydives at Vernon Regional Airport. Loves freefall. His birthday is Canada Day

Jerry Blumenschein is a former Canadian Fighter pilot. He also was a test pilot, flying the famed Voodoo jet

Retirement for fighter pilots in Jerry's day was 45. At 95 that means Jerry has been retired for 50 years.

Nevertheless, his love of being in the air is as strong as ever. His 95th birthday wish was to go skydiving

Jerry was joined by his 29-year-old granddaughter, Danielle, who shares his love of adventure.

The pair are continuing a tradition of skydiving together they started 10 years ago on Jerry's 85th birthday.

Other family members were on hand. A son and daughter plus Jerry's wife cheered the grandfather-granddaughter pair on.

After the jump was completed Jerry revealed his intention to repeat the feat in 5 years when he turns 100.

His advice for good health is simple, stay active.

Special thanks to Okanagan Skydive for providing some of the videos used in the story.

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