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1923, The Latest Yellowstone Prequel, Streaming December 18th, 2022, on Paramount +

"Greed will be the thing that kills us all", Clara Dutton.

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford join the Yellowstone universe in the series latest prequel, set in 1920s America.

1923 is the latest offering from one of Hollywood's hottest players, Taylor Sheridan.

The actor-turned-screenwriter and director Sheridan has an impressive writing resume that includes Sicario, Hell or high water and Sons of anarchy.

In bringing Yellowstone to the screen Sheridan would settle for nothing less than full creative control of the series.

He wrote and directed every episode of the show's first season.

Keeping a tight hold on Yellowstone's rains for season two wasn't easy, Paramount wanted to increase the writing staff.

Sheridan wouldn't give in and by season three he had regained full control once again.

That brings us to his latest entry.

1923 follows the Dutton family saga as they fight to keep Yellowstone ranch through the turbulent times of the great depression in Montana.

The series trailer lays out a now familiar plot line. Outsiders will stop at almost nothing in their attempts to wrestle Yellowstone from the Dutton family

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren lead the 1923 cast as Jacob and Clara Dutton. Matriarch and Patriarch of the ranch.

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