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  • Autopsy Confirms Vernon Homicide

    January 18th: An autopsy has confirmed the North Okanagan RCMP suspicion that a deceased person discovered in the 3300 block of 32nd ave January 5th was the victim of a homicide. Vernon RCMP would like to speak to anyone who was in the area between 1:30 and 2 am Wednesday, January 5th. Landmarks at the location are the OK tire, the Salvation Army House of Hope, Staples, and the work BC Centre. No other information was released. If you witnessed anything suspicious or have information related to the incident, please contact the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP at (250) 545-7171.

  • Coldstream House Fire Under Investigation: Update, New VIDEO

    UPDATE: 38 YEAR OLD MAN CHARGED WITH ONE COUNT OF ARSON Cst. Chris Terleski, Media Relations, Vernon North Okanagan RCMP: "On January 15th, 2022, 38-year old Matthew Eric Mason appeared in court by way of a tele-hearing and was charged with one count of arson with disregard for human life and one count of failing to comply with a release order. Mr Mason was remanded into custody until his next court appearance on January 20th, 2022. As the matter is now before the court, no additional information will be released." Previous UPDATE: RCMP: Residential fire under investigation File # 2022-727 Constable Chris Terleski, Media Relations Officer for the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP, "The Vernon North Okanagan RCMP’s General Investigation Section has been called to assist with the investigation into a fire that destroyed a Coldstream residence Friday evening" " The investigation is in the preliminary stages and the cause of the fire remains undetermined, however, at this time we are treating the fire as suspicious" Vernon North RCMP are asking anyone who "witnessed any suspicious activity prior to the fire or has information that may assist the investigation, to please contact the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP at (250) 545-7171." Original Story from January 14th: Coldstream BC, January 14, 2022: The Lavington fire hall was joined by the Coldstream fire hall, the RCMP, and BC Ambulance Service around 7 pm Friday evening to fight a huge structure fire on Hawthorne Place in the east end of Coldstream. The residential building appears to be a total loss. Approximately eight fire trucks and their crews were on scene fighting the blaze. At least one person is displaced by the fire. No animals are known to have been lost. Crews fought the fire well into the night. No neighbouring buildings were damaged by the fire. There are no reports of injuries at this time. The cause of the fire is still unknown. RCMP are investigating.

  • Sharp Eyed Mountie Saves The Day

    Friday, January 14th Early Thursday morning while patrolling the 2400 block of 14th avenue, a sharp-eyed Vernon Mountie spotted someone under a vehicle using a power tool. Turns out it was a woman allegedly attempting to steal the vehicle's catalytic converter. The suspect was arrested. A reciprocating saw and the catalytic converter cut from the vehicle were also recovered. Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise in Canada. Some areas reporting an increase of 450% In BC Catalytic converter thefts have cost ICBC, and motorists, approximately $2 million since 2016. That number is growing faster all the time. As well there are the hundreds in deductible fees paid by victimized vehicle owners In Richmond BC the RCMP reported 238 catalytic converters were stolen between January 1st and September 2021. Vancouver was even worse with 425 thefts. Catalytic converters are attractive to thieves because of the precious metals they contain. Some components are more valuable than gold. With the right tools, like a cordless reciprocating saw, a thief can remove a Catalytic converter in a matter of minutes That means even in broad daylight your vehicle is not safe. The thief may get $100 - $200 dollars for the converter but the cost of replacement costs can be in the thousands of dollars Farmers Insurance has posted information on how to better protect your catalytic converter. Back in Vernon, the 53-year old Kelowna woman, with a previous court-imposed condition not to possess tools, remains in police custody until she appears in court today. The investigation continues.

  • Canada's First New Year Baby, and the Winner is...

    They're all winners of course! The first baby born in BC in 2022 wasted no time, arriving at 12:04 am at Victoria General Hospital, weighing 6 pounds and 6 ounces. Congratulations to Shawna White and Ishmael Grimwood! Check out the most popular baby names Ottawa's first baby of 2022 named Benjamin came into the world at 12:17 am to Chantal Casault and her partner Christopher Baskys. Saskatoon saw Saskatchewan's first baby of 2022. Hudson Raphael Lynn was also born at 12:17 am to proud parents Krystal and Chris Lynn. Hudson weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Winnipeg's New Year’s baby arrived at 12:19 am. Olivia Claire Arevalo started her journey at Winnipeg Women’s Hospital. Olivia is 6 pounds 3 ounces at birth The British Columbia Interior's first baby was born at Kelowna General Hospital overnight. Grey Ron Allison was born at 2:11 a.m. and weighed six pounds, 13 ounces.

  • Olivia top BC baby name in 2021

    According to the Vital Statistics Agency Olivia is the most popular name in British Columbia in 2021. Olivia has topped the chart for girls names since 2016 Next are Liam, Oliver, Noah, Lucas, Theodore, Benjamin, Ethan, Charlotte then Jack Check out Canada's first baby of 2022 The list includes only names that occur five times or more. For more information on baby names in B.C., visit: To see a list of popular baby names over the last 20 years visit To see the most popular baby names in the world visit

  • Best Fireworks Shows Ringing in New Year 2022 picks the best New Years Eve 2022 fireworks displays from around the world. Many cities around the globe rang in the new year with spectacular fireworks displays. New Year 2022 celebrations saw something new. Several pyrotechnic and laser shows included swarms of prediction controlled lighted drones. Computer-controlled drones equipped with bright coloured lights created complex images like a moving lions head across the night sky over London. giving traditional fireworks a run for their money. Number one spot goes to London England. The city hit the sweet spot with its combination of amazing pyrotechnics, drones, and just the right amount of live performances. Number two, Sidney. Sidney fireworks never fail to impress on New years eve. How can you lose with a backdrop like Sidney Harbour, the Opera house, and the Harbour Bridge? Number three goes to Seoul for their use of drones. Number four's pick is Dubai Number five goes the City of Seattle Number six we pick Ras Al Khaimah Fireworks UAE for sheer size Finally, Times Square new york. The celebration was subdued this year but, well, it is New York Times Square on New Year Eve after all. You just gotta watch the ball come down. Happy New Year from! London Fireworks 2022 Australia celebrates the New Year with a fireworks display in Sydney 2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE COUNTDOWN DRONE LIGHT SHOW in YEONGDONG-DAERO (SEOUL) Dubai puts on dazzling fireworks, laser show at Burj Khalifa Seattle Washington Ras Al Khaimah Fireworks (Worlds Longest 4Km Fireworks Display in UAE) New York Time Square New Years Eve 2022

  • Merry Christmas Vernon: VIDEO

    Christmas light tour for the whole family: Check out ExNews picks BEST FIREWORKS for New Years 2022 drove around Vernon BC enjoying beautiful Christmas light displays residents have set up for all to enjoy. We made a short video of what you can expect to see. "SPOILER ALERT" It was fantastic! That said, a video is nothing like seeing the displays in person. We followed a list of addresses provided online by the "John Christmas Light Tour". John Christmas is a local Vernon realtor, and yes, John Christmas is his name. For the 3rd year, Mr. Christmas has compiled a list (Ho Ho Ho) of festive holiday addresses in the Vernon area. This time the John Christmas Light Tour has partnered with the North Okanagan Neurological Association (NONA). NONA offers a range of programs and services to families and caregivers of children with a wide variety of developmental challenges, in the home, community and at their Centre. Their operations are funded by the provincial government to provide services, but they also accept donations. The tour took almost 3 hours, but we were stopping to take pictures. A very worthwhile activity for the whole family and a fun way to support a good cause If you want to donate to NONA we have provided a link below. Always be very careful when clicking on links or making donations. Check the address carefully to be sure it has not been hijacked. Cheers and Merry Christmas!

  • COVID vs British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State

    How well are BC and its neighbours, Alberta and Washington State doing in their fight against COVID? Who is winning? British Columbia's population was estimated at 5.2 million as of 2021. As of July 1, 2021, Alberta's population was 4,442,879. As of April 1, 2021, Washington State population is 7,766,925.

  • COVID is Becoming a Christmas Tradition

    Dr. Bonnie Henry, the BCPHO, has increased the Christmas COVID regulations once again. As of December 22, 2021 These restrictions are in effect until January 18, 2022. Indoor organized gatherings of any size are not allowed. This includes gatherings like New Year's Eve parties, weddings or other celebrations Indoor events at venues can only have 50% capacity. This includes events like concerts, sports or movies Bars, nightclubs and lounges are closed Restaurants, cafes and pubs can have a maximum of 6 people at each table Adult gyms, fitness centres and dance studios are closed As of December 20, 2021 These restrictions are in effect until January 31, 2022. Indoor personal gatherings are limited to your household plus 10 visitors or 1 other household. Everyone 12 + must be fully vaccinated At restaurants, cafes and pubs, customers must stay seated and cannot move between or visit other tables. Masks are required when not seated All sports tournaments and related travel are not allowed Restrictions, guidance and requirements stay the same for: Wearing masks Worship services Fairs, festivals and trade shows Workplaces Regional restrictions

  • Province of BC live Update COVID and Holiday Season

    Health Minister Adrian Dix and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry laid out British Columbia's COVID strategy for this Holiday season. Here are the new COVID rules from December 20 to January 31st for British Columbia. Provincial and regional restrictions announced December 17 to begin December 20th and be in effect to January 31st: - New Year's parties are not allowed. Events held on December 31 must be seated events. Standing, mingling or dancing is not permitted. These events must also follow restrictions for organized gatherings. - Indoor personal gatherings at your home or vacation accommodation are limited to your household plus 10 visitors or 1 other household. Everyone 12+ must be fully vaccinated. - Proof of vaccination is required for all organized events of all sizes. Everyone must be fully vaccinated to attend. Businesses must scan proof of vaccination QR codes for entry. - Organized gatherings have capacity restrictions. Examples of organized gatherings include wedding ceremonies or funeral receptions. - Indoor organized gatherings with a capacity for 1,000 people or more can only use 50% capacity. < Dancing is not permitted. Masks are required indoors. - If more than 50 people are attending, all spectators must be seated at: < Concerts, theatre, dance and symphony performances < Weddings and funeral receptions (outside of a funeral home) < Lectures, presentations and workshops < Sponsored and ticketed parties - You do not need to remain seated at: < Conventions and trade shows < Conferences (except during lectures, presentations and workshops) < Recreational classes and activities like art classes and choir rehearsals Private social events in workplaces are not subject to these restrictions. - Outdoor organized seated gatherings with a capacity for 1,000 people or more can only have 50% seated capacity. Proof of vaccination is required. - Indoor high intensity and low intensity group exercise is allowed with normal capacity. - Gyms, pools and recreation facilities can operate with normal capacity. - All sports tournaments and related travel are not allowed. < Non-employee supervisors, coaches and assistants of indoor sports and group activities for people 21 years or younger must be fully vaccinated. - Indoor and outdoor sport activities with capacity for 1,000 spectators or more can only have 50% seated capacity. All spectators must have a seat. Proof of vaccination is required for all spectators at indoor sporting events. - There are no group limits for indoor and outdoor dining. You can dine at a restaurant or pub for New Year's Eve. - Customers must remain seated and cannot move between or visit other tables. Venues can determine their own table limits < No dancing < Normal liquor service hours < Masks are required when not seated at a table - Casinos can operate at full seated capacity, including gaming positions. - Some health authorities have restrictions for regions with lower vaccination rates. Orders are made by a region's Medical Health Officer. If regional restrictions are different, follow the province-wide restrictions. - Northern Health has restrictions in place for all communities. < All people ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated for personal gatherings. < Indoor personal gatherings are limited to your household occupants plus up to 10 visitors or one other household < Outdoor gatherings are limited to your household occupants, plus up to 25 people < People who are not fully vaccinated can only gather with their own household. - Organized gatherings Northern Health < Indoor seated events are limited to 50% capacity. All people aged 12 and older must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination. Masks are required. - Outdoor events in Northern Health < with more than 25 people are limited to 50% capacity. - Northern Health Faith gatherings < Worship services and choirs are limited to 50% seated capacity. All people aged 12 and older must be fully vaccinated. Masks are required. < People do not need to be fully vaccinated to attend virtual or drive-in services. - Northern Health Restaurants, bars and nightclubs < Masks are required when not seated at a table. - Fast food restaurants and unlicensed cafés without table service can either: < Provide take-out service only < Require all patrons to show proof of vaccination < Licensed establishments, establishments that offer table service, and liquor manufacturing facilities with tasting rooms without full meal service: - Northern Health Cannot serve alcohol between 10 pm and 9 am < Must require all patrons to show proof of vaccination < Bars and nightclubs that do not offer full meal service must close. - Northern Health Sports Regulations < Indoor and outdoor sporting events are limited to 50% spectator capacity and must have a COVID-19 safety plan. All spectators aged 5 and older must wear a mask, and all spectators aged 12 and older must show proof of full vaccination. < All participants aged 22 and older must be fully vaccinated. - Northern Health Travel < Non-essential travel outside your community is strongly discouraged. - Guidance for visiting long-term care or seniors' assisted living facilities < Larger, facility-wide social events or gatherings, adult day programs and in-facility respite are allowed. < Indoor gatherings may include residents and staff across units of a facility < Outdoor gatherings may include family and friends You do not need to schedule an appointment to visit residents in long-term care or seniors' assisted living facilities. There is no limit to the number of visitors for each resident. - Protecting long-term care residents < All visitors must show proof of full vaccination before visiting a long-term care or seniors' assisted-living facility. The easiest way to show proof of vaccination is using your BC Vaccine Card < Safety precautions like visitor health screening, hand hygiene and physical distancing will continue. - Northern Health Long Term health Facilities and Seniors assisted living < All visitors must wear medical masks in hallways and common areas

  • British Columbians Holiday Travel Plans Threatened

    COVID Restrictions Back in Effect for Re-Entering Canada Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos advises Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside the country for the next month. Duclos pointed to increasing case counts of COVID cases. So far this is a travel advisory, not an ordered travel ban. The Minister made the same advisory for travel inside Canada. Other Changes Announced The Minister said the additional restrictions put in place for the 10 countries where COVID Omicron was first detected will be removed. Another change, Canadians or other travelers who have left the country for less than 72 hours will once again have to produce a negative COVID test, The test must be taken outside of Canada. Complete Press Conference This travel advisory comes despite data collected by Health Agency Canada that suggests very few travelers returning to Canada have actually tested positive for COVID-19. Returning Travelers Test Results - For fully vaccinated returning to Canada between September 10 and November 27th the positive rate is 0.14 percent - For the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated for the same time period is 0.68% positive results. Since August 9, 2021, both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers are being tested. Travel Advisory Not Based on Science: WestJet The Federal announcement regarding travel has received strong opposition from WestJet. "The WestJet Group today is expressing its strong opposition to the travel advisory issued by the Government of Canada. The targeted advice outlined today is not based on science and data and significantly undermines aviation’s proven safety record in response to COVID-19. These measures are a setback in Canada’s progress and its successful transition from relying on blanket advisories and policies." Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has stated publicly Canadians are growing weary of Blanket COVID restrictions. In Alberta, Public gatherings are limited to 10, while restrictions on private or family gatherings are lifted. A detailed Alberta COVID response is available here. Kenny and the other Canadian Premiers had a virtual meeting with the Prime Minister Thursday. With the Holiday season fast approaching Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced new measures and an expansion of rapid testing. Starting December 17th Albertans will be able to pick up a free COVID test kit from local pharmacies. Alberta: Rapid COVID Tests Available for Free, Starting December 17 Kits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure as many Albertans have access as possible, there is a limit of one box of tests within a 14-day period per person. In British Columbia, Health Mnister Adrian Dix said he supports the recently announced federal guidelines. At a press conference, Thursday, Minister Dix was asked if British Columbians were going to see Holiday restrictions, You can view all of Thursday's press conference with Minister Dix here. Minister Dix, "keep it close, instead of going to parties where they don't know people, they keep it close they keep with ones who are vaccinated, and if they are not vaccinated I can tell you don't travel at all" In BC as of December 15th, 633,831 British Columbians have received the 3rd dose of a COVID vaccine. That represents 60% over 70, 45% over 65 and 14% over 12 An official announcement on BCs response is expected Friday, December 17th at 1 pm. Check here for the announcement

  • BC Highways set to Open Monday, Minister Fleming

    According to Minister Rob Fleming the Coquihalla will open to commercial truck traffic Monday, December 20th. 24 hours later Highway 3, known as the Yellowhead or Hope to Princeton Highway will reopen to all traffic. Highway 99 from Pemberton to Lillooet will also reopen to all traffic. The Minister reminds people who decide to take Highways 3 or 99 to be prepared for winter driving conditions. He also reminded travelers the two highways are narrow, dark and steep, not at all like the Coquihalla. This Map shows what we expect highways to look like by early next week

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