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Wildfires, Slides, Heavy Rainfall, 26 Road Closures

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Travelers planning to take the Coquihalla or other interior routes should be prepared for delays, detours or closures according to drive BC

Thanks to wildfires like the White Rock Lake blaze and other fires burning along the Coquihalla and Hope Princeton twenty-six roadways are closed or have significant delays or advisories. That's in addition to scheduled maintenance.

Coquihalla travelers between Hope and Merritt will have no access to off ramps, facilities, or washrooms. Crews fighting wildfires near the highway are on the roads so extra caution is important. Wildfire also damaged some fencing along the road so be on the lookout for wildlife.

Travel on Highway 3 continues to be slowed by smoke. Highway one is plagued by heavy rainfall and slides.

Here's a list. Check Drive BC for the latest road info.

Dog Creek Rd - Wildfire closure between Meadow Lake Rd and Gustafsen Dog Creek FSR. Fri Aug 20

Highway 1 - Advisory between 1km west of Spences Bridge to 6 km south of Lytton due to Intermittent Rain Forecast and potential for debris flows. No stopping during rainfall. Sun Aug 22

Highway 3 - Wildfire has advisory in effect from 64 km east of Hope to Princeton due . Road open to traffic. Limited visibility with smoke. Fri Aug 20

Highway 5 - Travel advisory in effect 6 km north of Hope to 1 km south of Merritt due to a wildfire. Essential travel only. No facilities or washrooms are available. No access off the main hwy on off ramps. Watch for crews & enforcement. Watch for debris & wildlife. No stopping on hwy. Please lower speeds & drive with caution. Sun Aug 22.

Highway 8 - Wildfire closure 16 km west of Merritt to 15 km east of Spences Bridge. Road closed. Sat Aug 21

Highway 97 - Advisory in effect 13 km west of Falkland to Monte Creek due to a wildfire. Road is open to traffic. No stopping on highway. Wed Aug 18

Soda-Creek Macalister Road - Landslide at 10 kms from the Junction of Highway 97. Road closed. Tue Aug 10

Quesnel Hydraulic Road - Washout at Kilometer 20. The road is closed. Road will be closed at km 20.3 due to ongoing land instability. Aug 10

West Fraser Road - Washout at Narcosli Creek 20 km south of Quesnel. The road is closed. Aug 10

Kersley-Dale Landing Rd - Landslide 500 metres in from Highway 97 Intersection. Road closed. Tue Aug 10

Durrell Road - Landslide at 700m from Highway 97. Road closed. Aug 10

Quesnel-Hixon Road - Landslide at Cottonwood bridge. Road closed. Aug 10

Kinuseo Falls Road - Forest fire closure at Monkman Provincial Park 60 km south of Tumbler Ridge. Road closed. Park is closed. Fri Aug 20

Deadman Vidette Road - Debris on roadway at the area of 28km mark of Deadman Vidette road. Road closed. Aug 17

Quesnel-Hixon Road - Landslide at Cottonwood bridge. Road closed. Aug 10

McKinney Road - Forest fire closure between McKinney Road and Baldy Ski Hill road 1 km north of Rock Creek. The road is closed. Aug 20

Tunkwa Lake Road - Wildfire closure between 3 km south of Highway 1 and Junction with 97D. Road closed. Aug 21

Empire Valley Road - Advisory in effect between Gang Ranch road and End of Empire Valley Road. Due to a Wildfire. Road is Open to LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY. Aug 19

Coldwater Rd - Wildfire closure between Exit 256 and Brookmere. Aug 22

Westside Rd - Wildfire closure between Deighton Rd and Highway 97 North for 40.6 km (19 to 60 km east of West Kelowna). Road closed. Aug 20

Highway 1 - Heavy rain between Back Valley Rd and Juniper Beach Prov Park Access Rd (2 km east of Cache Creek). Potential for debris flows. No stopping during rainfall. Plan for highway closure in event of heavy rain. Sun Aug 22

Highway 3 - Limited visibility with smoke between Saturday Creek and Copper Mountain Rd for 21.1 km (Princeton). Aug 4

Highway 3 - Limited visibility with smoke between Princeton and Hedley. Jul 30

Highway 97 - Landslide between Pollard Rd and Umiti Pit Rd for 3.8 km (11 to 15 km north of Quesnel). Road is open to traffic, possible 20 minute delays. Aug 22

Highway 99 - Heavy rain between 50 to 70 km north of Lillooet. Potential for debris flows. No stopping during rainfall. Aug 22

Nazko Rd - Washout between Krestenuk Rd and Centennial Park Rd for 4.6 km (Nazko). Single lane alternating traffic. Sun Aug 22

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