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Ewing, Killiney OKIB Fire Timeline

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Ewing, Killiney and the OKIB were hit hard by the White Rock Lake fire. The wildfire roared down the mountainside adjacent to the lakefront communities taking approx. 100 homes. The wildfire had been creeping closer to the area for two weeks.

Despite efforts by all involved the fire continued to creep towards the northwestern shores of Okanagan Lake.

Evacuation orders and alerts were put in place. At the mercy of the wind and sun, all residents could do was pack up what was most valuable to them, and wait. For those on evacuation alert, the smoke and visible flames were a constant reminder.

Local Fire Departments assisted by Wildfire Service the RCMP, Security teams plus Search and Rescue patrolled the area doing what they could.

August 15-16th the White Rock Lake fire reached the OK Indian Band, Killiney, and Ewing.

OKIB = Okanagan Indian Band

RDNO = Regional District North Okanagan

RDCO = Regional District South Okanagan

White Rock fire vs Ewing, Killiney, and OKIB. An Unofficial Timeline

July 27th the number of firefighters reported on hand at the White Rock Lake fire was 117 Firefighters (Including 100 from Quebec), 10 danger tree Assessors/Fallers, 36 pieces of heavy equipment, and 35 support staff (Including an Incident Management team) with more equipment and staff on the way.

July 27, 1800 hrs. First OKIB Evacuation Alert

July 27th Evacuation Alert Map

- White Rock Lake Fire at 17,096 Hectares. East front of the Fire facing OKIB heading North. Crews building Bouleau Lake Fire Guard.

- July 30th, the temperature in the upper 30s, possible lightning in forecast, possible 20mm rain.

- Aug 1 White Rock fire at 32,000 hectares

August 1st 16:32 OKIB issue Evacuation Order for Whiteman Creek drainage, south of the Mud Hole, including Parker Cove and Whiteman subdivision

- Aug 3, the fire is estimated to be 12.5 km from OKIB Southern reserve boundary near Whitemans

August 3rd Evacuation Order Map

Aug 4, 2000, hrs. the OKIB expands the Evacuation Order to include North end Smith Cres, Westside Rd./Mud Hole Rd.

- August 5th The White Rock Lake fire jumped highway 97 on August 5th at Monte Lake.

August 5th 0900 hrs. OKIB expands Evacuation Orders to include

Westside Rd. and Louis Estates (northern boundary) to 11501 Komasket Rd. (southern boundary)

August 5th 1200 hrs OKIB issues an Evacuation Alert for the following areas: Highway 97 and Tonasket Rd (southern boundary) to the OKIB IR 1 and Splatsin Salmon River IR 1 boundary (northern boundary), westward to the OKIB Reserve boundary.

- August 6th the White Rock Lake Fire was expected to reach Whiteman’s area that evening. So far no buildings lost.

- At this point approximately 1,050 OKIB members were evacuated in addition to several hundred people south of the reserve and hundreds of people in the Monte Lake-Falkland area.

August 6th 1030hrs Evacuation Order issued by RDCO for Killiney and Ewing.

August 6th Evacuation Order Map

August 6th 1500hrs OKIB expanded an Evacuation Alert, all areas within IR 1, basically the north shore of Okanagan Lake and adjacent land, that were not under an Evacuation Order, were put on Evacuation Alert.

August 6th 1900hrs OKIB expanded Evacuation Order to the following areas, Head of the Lake Rd, Westside Road

August 6th, Vernon City issues a Partial Evacuation Alert

August 7th, Vernon City Rescinded August 7 Evacuation Alert. Excluded, Canadian Lakeview Estates in its entirety, Adventure Bay in its entirety, and west end of Tronson Road

- August 8, White Rock Lake fire is estimated at 55,600 Hectares and is out of control

August 8th, 1600 hrs. OKIB Evacuation Order Rescind

August 9th RDNO issues an Evacuation Order for Valley of the Sun Evac Order

August 15th, Federal Election Called

August 15th OKIB 1630hrs expands an Evacuation Order into the following areas, approx. Westside Road 12000 blk.

- August 15, 20:10 Hours fire rapidly advancing and is around the Churchill lake area

- August 15-16th The White Rock Lake fire reached the OK Indian Band, Killiney and Ewing. Approximately 100 buildings were destroyed or damaged.

- Aug 16 it rains a little

August 17th 1700hrs OKIB Evacuation Order Rescinded

Areas north of Louis Estates have been partially rescinded up to

Coyote Crossing Desert Cove Lawrence Heights and Head of the Lake Rd 137 and Antoine Road area

August 17, 17:23 hrs. RDNO - This Evacuation Order REMAINS IN PLACE and unchanged since it was issued on August 15. This Order is based on the recommendation of the BC Wildfire Service due to the White Rock Lake Wildfire.

- August 19 White Rock Lake fire update estimated at 81,139 hectares

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