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Video: White Rock Lake Fire from Vernon Side

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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Smoke was to too thick to get fresh video of Westside road.

Here is the view of Westside road from across Okanagan Lake early Thursday Morning.

I've added a link, click here for a "SMOKE MAP"

On the Vernon side of Okanagan lake residents of Canadian Lakeview estates and some of the surrounding remain under an evacuation alert today. The small Vernon community is on the north eastern banks of Okanagan Lake.

Not so on the north western side of Okanagan Lake. According to the latest information on the BC Wildfire Dashboard an Evacuation Order remains in place for residents roughly from Fintry to almost the north end of Westside Road. One displaced resident says at least 600 homes are affected.

But, on the Okanagan Indian Bands Official Facebook page some Evacuation Orders have been downgraded to Evacuation Alerts.

Here's a link to the Okanagan Indian Band Facebook Page with current orders and information. They have very good and timely information.

Check here for the Latest City of Vernon updates

Latest from BC Wildfire News

White Rock Lake Community Bulletin

Click here for Area Evacuation Maps

So far the White Rock Lake fire has been unstoppable.

Much of British Columbia is still suffering the effect of a "Heat Dome" the province was under several weeks ago

The wildfire has already devastated the community of Monte Lake, reportedly destroying the "old" Monte Lake Store, not the "newer" Monte Lake Store. Limited official information is causing some confusion.

Ash from the fire has been falling on parts of Vernon of and for over a week.

Ash produced by the wildfire being blown into populated areas is what had residents and fire officials very concerned.

If the falling ash contains hot embers it could have started spot fires.

An evacuation order was put in place for the Canadian Lakeview estates and the alert zone was expanded to Vernon and Coldstream. Those were rescinded but the evacuation alert remains in place for the Canadian Lakeview estates.

Fire trucks from Vernon were patrolling the neighborhoods streets last weekend until the immediate danger passed. They remain on alert.

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