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Vernon's Smoky Orange Sky...

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The skys are filled with smoke. When I look out my window the sky looks real orange. Once outside it slowly looks less and less orange. Im pretty sure I know what's happening, my brain is adjusting so colours appear more normal. An automatic filter. So my experiment. On my phone I set the colour balance to manual. I took three pictures.. The first was set to 10k, the second to 56k, the 3rd 3200k.

  1. I chose those setting from experience. They are standard settings to get good colour in 3 different lighting condition. 10k for cloudy days, 56k for sunny days and 3200 for indoor incandescent light. So I say, assuming the weather app I have says there are no cloud "up there" just smoke that in normal sunny conditions 56k should give true colour. But if you look at pic 2,56k everything is orange. I say that's what the sky looks like before your brain does some fancy correction.

What do you say




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