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Vernon Middleton Mountain Residents Say Slow Down to Drivers!

Some frustrated Vernon residents have taken matters into their own hands in an attempt to slow down vehicles passing by a popular community park.

Sawicki Park is located at 996 Middleton Way in Vernon, and Middleton Way is a main traffic corridor where thousands of vehicles pass by the park every day.

According to many, drivers often appear oblivious to the 30 km/h speed limit imposed in the vicinity of the park.

In response, at least one park user has taken to social media and added their own signs to encourage drivers to adhere to the speed limit and slow down.

Approximately a dozen 'homemade' signs are now attached to lampposts and signposts in the area.

These signs bear messages such as 'Watch out for children,' 'Drive as if your kids live here,' 'Maximum speed limit: 30 km/h,' and 'Please slow down.'

Furthermore, it's worth noting that statistics on pedestrian accidents in park zones demonstrate the importance of enforcing speed limits and increasing awareness about safety near Sawicki Park."

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