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Vernon Fire Trucks Patrol Tronson

Updated: Feb 11

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Residents of Canadian Lakeview estates and some of the surrounding remain under an evacuation alert Sunday evening. The small Vernon community is on the north eastern banks of Okanagan Lake.

Right across Okanagan Lake, the massive White Rock Lake fire. So far the White Rock Lake fire has been unstoppable, but a light rain over the weekend seems to have slowed the wildfires progress.

Here is the view of the westside road from the west end of Tronson road Sunday night approx 9pm. The lights are of homes on the west side of the lake.

Vernon Fire Trucks Patrol Tronson
View of White Rock Fire from Vernon Sunday evening

Here is the same area last Friday. A far angrier-looking sky.

Vernon Fire Trucks Patrol Tronson
View of the White Rock Lake fire from Vernon Friday

The wildfire has already devastated the community of Monte Lake, reportedly destroying the "old" Monte Lake Store, not the "newer" Monte Lake Store. Limited official information is causing some confusion.

On Friday thick black and grey smoke rose hundreds of meters into the sky, impossible to ignore.

Ash from the fire had been falling on parts of Vernon for over a day.

Its ashes from the wildfire had residents and fire officials very concerned.

If the falling ash contains hot embers it could have started spot fires.

An evacuation order was put in place for the Canadian Lakeview estates and the alert zone was expanded to Vernon and Coldstream. Those were rescinded but the evacuation alert remains in place for the Canadian Lakeview estates.

Fire trucks from Vernon were patrolling the neighbourhood streets until the immediate danger passed. They remain on alert.

A sporadic light rain fell late afternoon Friday and into Saturday morning in the Vernon area. Not enough to put out the fire but enough to slow its progress.

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