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Vernon Fire Rating "HIGH"

As of 3:00 PM on May 30, 2023, the City of Vernon has confirmed that there is currently no campfire ban in effect. However, residents are urged to remain vigilant as the fire danger rating is classified as high.

According to the Fire Interface Zone Map,

Campfires in Zone 1 must be situated at least 3 meters away from buildings, sheds, shrubs, and other flammable materials. They must also be contained within a maximum diameter and height of 1 meter.

RDNO Map. Locate my Zone by address

Campfires in Zones 2 and 3 need a larger buffer zone of 5 meters and must be enclosed by rock, concrete, ceramic clay, or a metal container. The fire will also need a spark guard.

Campfires must be tended to at all times by individuals who can promptly extinguish them if necessary.

Campfires are permitted for cooking and recreation purposes. Burning only dry seasoned wood or charcoal briquettes is permitted.

Burning yard waste, garbage, or materials that produce dense smoke or noxious odors is strictly prohibited.

The City of Vernon reminds residents of the Good Neighbour Bylaw.

Overly smoky fires or fires that emit noxious odors may be extinguished by Bylaw or Fire Officers.

The City of Vernon encourages all residents to be mindful of air quality and ventilation conditions before lighting a campfire.

For more information regarding fire ratings, bans or restrictions visit

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