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Republicans Win House, Democrats Retain Senate - Projection

According to projections by Edison Research early Wednesday, November 9th...

Republicans will pick up 6 seats in the House of Representatives, and lose 1 in the Senate.

If the projections are accurate Republicans will gain control of the House of Representives and the Democrats will retain control of the Senate.

In reality, final results haven't been called yet.

While its generally agreed the Republicans will win a slight majority in the House, control of the Senate may depend on the winning or losing of just one seat.

The battle for control of that Senate seat will most likely take place in Georgia.

There is a tight race between an incumbent Raphael Warnock (D) and Herschel Walker (R). Both are hovering around 49% , Warnock having a slight lead.

The spoiler is Chase Oliver, the Libertarian candidate who has around 2% of the vote.

In Georgia, if no candidate gets a majority of votes a runoff election is held the following December 6th.


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