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Panic Buying or Dwindling Supplies?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Shelves in "Big Box Grocery Stores" are bare throughout much of BC's interior.

Especially the produce and dairy sections.

Are people panic buying, hoarding or are supplies just running out? Hard to be certain.

Many distribution centers for those items are located in the lower mainland.

Transport trucks carrying goods can't make deliveries until the Provinces flood ravaged highway network is restored.

It's going to be that way for a while.

Retailers are busy looking for alternative suppliers and routes.

Routes from the East and South into central BC are still open. Unfortunately for consumers establishing new supply routes takes time.

So far thousands of deliveries have not made it to their destinations.

Making matters worse, the populations in some small BC communities have swelled with an influx of people stranded or forced from their homes.

Combining all these elements and you have empty shelves.

Regarding the hundreds of transport trucks waiting for roads to open, produce, meat and seafood can't wait forever.

Even after roads open and deliveries resume the death of thousands of farm animals because of high floodwaters is very likely to result in shortages of locally produced milk and eggs for some time.


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