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Othello Trail Site Damaged By British Columbias Atmospheric River

Hopes' popular tourist destination, the Othello tunnels, was damaged by last week's heavy rainfall. Debris covers large parts of the popular trail.

Just one of the locations hit by British Columbia's historic Floods.

Video posted on Youtube shows Fences have been knocked down and trees cover some of the trail's bridges.

Rock faces have been scoured clean by rushing water.

Access to the park has also been disrupted by high water.

The historic site where an abandoned section of railway was turned into a tourist destination that sees hundreds of visitors daily in peak season. The trail was once a functioning railway was on an operating railway. The track, built in the early 1900s was abandoned in the 1960s and 70s when the Kettle Valley Railway became unprofitable.

The section of the track was turned into a tourist destination in 1986. Closures are not uncommon. A section of trail in the Coquihalla gorge that cuts through 300-foot gorges was closed for much of 2020 due to rockfalls and landslides.


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