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Mystery Object in Sky over Nanaimo, BC: RCMP

Nanaimo file # 2022-37052
Dateline, Nanaimo British Columbia. October 19th, 2022

Submitted for your examination is the story of one letter carrier, a postwoman, a special messenger, a deliverer extraordinaire, an advocate of snail mail so to speak.

Our Postie woke up one morning, a morning like any other, planning to go to work delivering mail to dozens of people to whom something is sent.

But before she completes her route, she will be taken on a brief detour, a disruption of sorts, making a special delivery, to a repository where lost articles are kept, until their owners reclaim them, in a building known as, the Twilight...

From RCMP files:
On Wednesday, October 19th, a Canada Post employee who wishes to remain anonymous was delivering mail along her route when to her surprise, she saw an object flying through the sky. She wasn't sure what it was, a UFO, a flying squirrel. No to either as upon closer inspection, the curious postal worker determined the suspicious was nothing for than a man-Purse that had taken flight from the roof of the car as the vehicle made a sharp turn. The worker promptly secured the item and then took it to local Mounties for safekeeping. The owner of the item was contacted and needless to say, was very grateful as he had no idea where his purse had gone to. Good work and kudos to our anonymous Canada Post worker!

...the RCMP detachment in Nanaimo


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