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Mystery Lights Solved: VIDEO

Updated: Feb 6

Just South of Vernon British Columbia

Recently ExNews shared a story about unexplained lights on the East side of Coldstream's Middleton Mountain.

"Flashing light where no light should be"

Now we can confirm someone placed a string of small lights in a tree on the mountainside.

The lights are hidden from view by the trees branches during the day. Once the sun goes down the flashing can be seen for some distance.

The mysterious flashing light was first reported by a couple out for an evening walk.

The area on Middleton Mountain where the light appeared to be coming from was searched the following day during daylight but no sign of a light was found.

In fact, no lights were found anywhere on Middleton Mountain.

The area on Middleton Mountain the flashing light appeared to originate from offered no explanation

That night, the mysterious flashing light appeared again, apparently in exactly the same spot.

Now, thanks to a drone, the mystery of the flashing light on Middleton Mountain is solved.


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